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Whitney Port and newborn son Sonny in nursery

Jen Kelly and Becca Perren are the founders of one of my favorite baby brands, Pehr. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they launched their line of children’s décor and accessories 3 years ago to compliment their Home line. Fast forward to today and Pehr storage, nursery décor and all of their fun accessories are one of the most popular baby companies. Today, they’re giving us some great things to think about when putting together your nursery.

Getting the nursery ready is one of the most exciting pre-baby activities. If you’re like us, you spent time thinking about what it would be like once the little one arrived in there and all of the sweet memories you would make. However, you have so many things to think about before baby comes, that sometimes it can be a little overwhelming.

Just like Whitney’s beautiful nursery, neutral nursery’s continue to be one of mom-to-be’s favorite bases for welcoming baby into their home. There’s a reason that the Neutral Nursery continues to be a major trend in nursery décor. Apparently almost half of parent’s to-be don’t find out the gender of their baby until they’re born. Which means decorating the nursery can be a bit of a guessing game and why Greys and Creams continue to be so popular.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re getting the nursery ready for baby.

  1. Keep the furniture “non-baby”

That’s right – don’t buy baby furniture for the baby. You will inevitably replace everything you buy if you buy juvenile pieces that won’t transition into a kid’s room or other places in your home (like a guest room or family room). Instead of buying a nursing/rocking chair from a baby store, look for swivel or upholstered rocking chairs in a neutral natural fabric that are easy to clean and you won’t grow tired of. You will continue to use this chair for reading and snuggle time when they’re older. It’s also best to use a dresser (vintage or new) instead of traditional change-table. There are so many options for change pads and of course beautiful change pad covers (like ours) that you will regret that change table that you won’t need once your baby (or babies) have out-grown diapers.

Rugs are another item that should be purchased with longevity in mind. If you buy natural wool or cotton rugs, not only will they look better, have no synthetic material for baby, but they will also wash and wear much better. We’ve got some great new rugs to choose from, but any rug that will serve you for years is really a smart investment.

  1. Pick Basics that you can build from

We’re big fans of dots and stripes if you haven’t noticed. If you want to wait until baby arrives to choose a color palette or you just want to keep it simple, basics are the way to go. There are so many options and they mix and match with all kinds of prints and colors, which is what we LOVE about them. Think greys, citrons and blues to add color to your neutral base. Add pink to those colors for girl or keep it masculine for the baby boy and your good to go. Check out some of our favorite basic and classic swaddles, crib sheets and accessories here.

A Place for Everything

We all know that storage and organization is the key to success. Whether you need a place for laundry or want a cute way to store your diapers and wipes – storage bins will help to maximize your space while keeping it looking stylish! We love a mix of shapes and sizes. Our soft storage is great for baby and kids, because there are no hard edges and they’re easy to carry and care for. They also look great, so it’s a win win. Something to keep in mind with babies is that they have a lot of SMALL stuff. Socks, bows, creams, etc. So stock up on the Mini size storage and then use them for the on slot of small toys that will come as they get older! (Lego, cars, doll clothes!).

Special Touches

A mobile is a very personal addition to a nursery. It’s a modern heirloom for your family. After all, your baby will spend countless hours staring up at it being entertained, and you are going to want it to be perfect for the space you have created! We created a line of mobiles that can grow with your baby.  Use it over the crib as a newborn, over the change pad table to help make change time easier and even move it to a playroom or reading nook as your child grows. Keep it simple with our pom pom inspired Merry Go Round mobile, or bring some life into the nursery with a circus themed Big Top mobile. Mobiles are a wonderful way to really personalize your baby’s space.

Don’t feel rushed or pressure to make an Instagram worthy space. Take your time and you will be glad you did. Babies inevitably come with a lot of gear and stuff that is used for one short stage. So really take into consideration your space and how you want it to feel. Everyone’s nursery is such a personal place and injecting your personality and love into the space with special pieces is a great way to ensure the perfect space for your little one!

If you need some more inspiration you can pop over to our site here and gets lots of ideas for your soon to be favorite space!

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