One Of My Favorite Parts About My Kitchen

This post is sponsored by Aria Stone Gallery. All opinions are my own.

When I was designing my kitchen, I knew I wanted it to be minimal with a few bold statements. One of my favorite parts of the room that helped make everything come to life and bring it all together are my countertops from Aria Stone Gallery!

If you’ve ever renovated or designed a kitchen, then you probably know how important the material and finishing of your countertops are to completing a space. Going into the process of remodeling, finding the perfect match for our home was definitely a top priority of mine. We spend the most time as a family in the kitchen, so I knew I needed to choose something that not only looked nice, but also had good durability to it. While working with Aria Stone, I instantly fell in love with their Arizona material (currently sold out and coming back in stock soon, but their Florida Quartzite is super similar)! It’s super strong and durable and has a clean look to it, while also making a bold statement. For more insight on the durability of a quartzite, click here

Aside from helping me pick the perfect match for my kitchen, Aria Stone Gallery also utilized the material by creating shelves and the backsplash with it as well. The color palette of the stone is one of my favorite parts about it, and it works so well with the peach, grey, and blue tones I incorporated throughout the entire house. Plus, creating open shelving couldn’t have turned out better because it was an awesome way of taking advantage of space to show off some of my pretties (as my mom likes to call them ;))

To get a similar look, shop all of Aria Stone Gallery’s quartzites here.

Slowly but surely, things are coming together! More home updates to come soon!

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