Our First Thanksgiving at the House!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!

This year, Thanksgiving is extra exciting for Timmy, Sonny and I, because we are hosting at our house for the first time! My mom is getting construction done on her house (the house my siblings and I grew up in!!), so we volunteered to host. We have decided to do a potluck style Thanksgiving because I CANNOT cook on my own for 12 people. 

My mom & sisters have created a menu and assigned everyone a couple of dishes. Timmy and I are making a corn souffle (recipe from Ina, our fav) and a crumble of our choice. Anyone have any fruit crumble recipes?? If so, PLEASE share!!

I am usually a pretty relaxed host and don’t plan TOO much, but this year I am inspired to go ABOVE and BEYOND!! I think because people are expecting it to be super casual. Also, it is my first Thanksgiving so I want it to be special and memorable!! I have spent this week having fun on Pinterest looking for inspiration for our table decor. Below are some of the ideas that I LOVE! One crazy thing I have decided to make is a teal tie-dye tablecloth!! I don’t know how it will turn out in the end, but hopefully it will be close to what I envision. I also really want to do some fun flower arrangements. I don’t know much about flower arrangements, but I know I can figure something out! I especially love the arrangements below with pink flowers. I think it will look great with the teal tie-dye! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!




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