WFH Skincare & Makeup Tutorial


Until recently, makeup has not been a part of my quarantine routine. I was lazy and uninspired. However, I found myself grimacing at myself in the mirror every time I passed by one in the house. All of a sudden, it felt like we had mirrors everywhere! I was inspired to pull myself together a little, and I remembered that getting dressed and pampering myself makes me feel put together, empowered, motivated and brightens my mood. SO, I made a WFH Look!

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Giving and Receiving: Balanced Living in Unbalanced Times


As a mom, you feel an overwhelming responsibility to put your loved ones needs before your own and if you don’t you feel guilty about it. However, I have quickly learned that this is not productive for anyone. We have to take care of ourselves in order to be at our best to help others. That is self-care 101 right there. Right now, this is especially hard to do because it seems so selfish, but it is important to make ourselves an equal priority.

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Hi all, 

I hope you guys were able to find some moments of laughter and joy this weekend. The weekends feel even more welcome now. I am sensing a lot of people, like myself, feeling a need for routine during the week and maybe pushing themselves too hard. I think we need to try to release what we think is expected of us and focus more on what we expect of ourselves. So instead of judging myself for putting this kind of content out there, I am going to embrace it and share with you some of the products and music that really got me through the week. I hope any part of it lifts your spirits! 

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Hi hi,

I really hope everyone is staying home and staying safe. We have been home for 17 days now, and I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Trying to end the weekend on a high note with a walk, glass of white wine and a movie for Sonny. All I wanna do right now is easy comfort food and dress comfortably. That feels like all I really have control over anyway so here is my attempt at it.

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Here is “What I Wore, Used and <3’ed This Week: Staying at Home.” This week has been part of a major transition period. I want to continue to share what I am using and loving throughout the week with you, but I also know some may not be in a spending mood. All good. I’m not really either but maybe these picks can help bring you guys a little browsing entertainment, inspiration or joy.

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Homeschooling Resources From My Friend & Educator, Sam Foreman

Hi Parents!

It is an incredibly stressful time. Not only are we adjusting to constant life at home, but we are also trying to homeschool our kids. Timmy and I were so nervous about it in the beginning. Our biggest goal right now (apart from staying home and safe) is continuing to advance Sonny’s development and teaching him as best we can. I hope what you are about to read gives you a lot of relief and encouragement for homeschooling!

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Stay In, Stay Cozy

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all staying safe at finding some peace at home. We went to the beach this am, waved to my mama from the car, made french toast, showered and then cleaned my shower. Feels pretty productive, actually! But now it’s time to CHILL, like it has been for a lot of the last week.

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