Pregnancy Cravings v.1

So, I haven’t really had those TYPICAL cravings like needing to dip pickles in ice cream or if you are a crazy person like my sister in law, craving PAPER!!! But there are a few things that got me through my first trimester and are continuing to be staples in my second. Here’s a list of the necessities in my fridge/pantry right now:
  1. Tangerine Juice
  2. Chocolate Milk
  3. Siggi’s Raspberry Yogurt
  4. Bananas
  5. Nectarines
  6. Strawberries
  7. Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds
  8. Cheerios
  9. Vans Frozen Waffles – I especially love the chocolate chip flavor but they are hard to find.
  10. Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  11. Black Olives
  12. English Muffins
  13. Almond Milk Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches
  14. Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds
  15. Greek Yogurt covered raisins
  16. Trail Mix from Trader Joes ( with the chocolate bits in it )
  17. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
  18. Pirates Booty Smart Puffs
  19. Graham Crackers
  20. Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding

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