Say Goodbye to Blisters!

Everyone loves getting new shoes, but the one downside to breaking in a new pair is the likelihood of forming blisters. The worst is when you get a new pair and have to do a whole lot of activity in them! I’ve definitely experienced this, for instance, during Fashion Weeks. Sometimes no other pair will do with the outfit, but that means having to run from show to show in shoes my feet aren’t used to, which unfortunately can result in those dreaded blisters. That’s why I’m so happy to have discovered COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions, which is one of the best products of its kind.

COMPEED® Blister Cushions are very easy to apply and have a really soft touch, acting as a breathable second skin. They’ll cover the wound and any exposed nerve endings completely to relieve the pain fast. Better yet, they match my skin tone perfectly so I am never concerned with bandages sticking out of my heels. COMPEED® Blister Cushions are also the perfect medium between thick enough to provide protection and thin enough so that your shoe will still fit without any discomfort.

Now, I always have them on-hand. They are available only at Walgreens stores and They’re high-quality for a great price — the COMPEED® Blister Medium Cushions are only $8.99 — so there’s no excuse not to stock up!

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