Show Your Coffee Table Some Love

Coffee tables are staple when it comes to home decor. Even so, many don’t put the time into adding a little decorative flair to it. I, for one, am not one of those people! I turned my coffee table into my own little work of art. It completely reflects my personal taste and the style of my home.

A few decorative pieces can go a long way, and finding the perfect ones is simpler than you think…

The size of your table really determines how much and what you can put on it. Since it still plays a functional role, you want to veer away from over-cluttering it. No matter the size, there are many decorative pieces that can elevate your table. From cool books, pretty candles, reed diffusers and interesting knick-knacks, the sky’s the limit.

I love shopping for these things at my local flea market, garage sales, boutique bookstores and HomeGoods. HomeGoods is not only affordable, but they also have some really great products.

You have to go into it with an open mind and really walk the aisles because you never know what gems may be hiding behind each corner.

Scroll down for a look at my coffee table and hopefully this will provide you with some inspiration to assemble your own!

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