Stop Worrying About Your Kids


Here is another great one for parents and caregivers of young kids! As parents, it is easy to fall into a default mode of worrying about our kids. I’ve viewed worrying about Sonny as a form of protection. If I worry then it means I am being attentive of what is going on around him, therefore protecting him. I am so glad that I got connected with Einat Nathan as she opened my eyes to a new perspective about this.

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How We Unwind Every Night 

Hi Everyone,

It feels like overnight all of our lives changed drastically. Quarantine was definitely a shock to our family’s system. We went through many phases of coping. The beginning was filled with so much anxiety fueled by fear of the virus, uncertainty and feeling trapped at home. Before too long, we quickly realized we needed to start truly taking care of ourselves – mentally and physically.

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