What I Use to Feel Energized & Calm


I am really, really excited to share a new amazing product by Olay!! Skin maintenance is one of my biggest obsessions. I’m with my sis right now and we were just going over our whole routines. We are skin obsessed! Always have been.  I believe it is so important to really care about your skin and it’s health! 

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My Go-to Self-Care Activity

Whitney Port and son Sonny in their bathrobes in the bathroom using new Ivory products
This content is sponsored by Ivory. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a new mom who’s on the go nonstop, I’m constantly trying to balance my schedule and maintain a realistic routine for myself. It’s hard not to beat yourself up when you don’t stick to the plan. Realistically though, life isn’t perfect and keeping up with an agenda isn’t always possible. 

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Any women out there feeling overwhelmed by the inherent stressors of the day? You don’t have to answer that:). I know many of you are, as am I! We are inundated with so much pressure day in and day out. Full time jobs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping relationships fresh, keeping our kids alive;)… the list could go on and on! I truly feel the only way to maintain all of this, while staying happy and sane, is to invest in ourselves a little more. 

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