Are You and Your Dharma a Vibrational Match?


How is everyone? I hope you’ve found spaces of light this week. I feel like the state of the world is consistently going up and down and up and down. I guess it has always been like this, but now more than ever those downs are feeling very low. It’s so easy to fall into a hole of negative feelings these days. It takes a lot of effort to not let it happen. I am making meditation and therapy a major priority right now. Those acts help me feel more in control and at ease. We can find emotional relief in many things – a major one for many is spirituality.

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Prep List In Case You Get Sick


I hope everyone is being safe, smart and clean. I know it’s so scary right now! The media covering  is overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there about what we should do to prevent getting this, however, I am not seeing that much about what to do if we contract it.

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Taking Back My Life From Migraines

Ever since I can remember I have been getting migraines. They started when I was young and have continued to get increasingly worse as I have gotten older. The increase of frequency can be attributed to the fact that as you get older, there are more stressful things entering your life – but it may also just be something I am prone to more than others. I wish there was a known reason behind why I get them so much, but since there isn’t, all I can do is try the things I have learned that have proven to help me each time one arises.

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