11 Beautiful Vases to Step Up Your Home Decor


I just went on a deep dive into vases! I am spending so much time at home (as most of us are) and constantly thinking about changes I can make around the house. Vases are great because they can bring so much to an empty surface, shelf or table. They don’t necessarily have to have anything in them to make an impact! Low maintenance. 

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Sonny’s Bathroom Reveal


Wrapping up our bathroom series! For the first 2 years of his life, Sonny shared a bathroom with Timmy and me. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but once we started this renovation process I knew we would all appreciate him having his own! We had gotten used to giving him a bath in the sink or our bathtub but we were ready for our independent bathing experiences. (Especially now since we are in the potty training phase!) I think this one was the most exciting because we were starting from absolute scratch.

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In <3 With My New Master Bathroom


We made a lot of changes to our house when we moved in; however, we had to put bathrooms on the back burner. We had just had Sonny and decided that the kitchen was the first project to tackle. The bathrooms were so charming and reminded me a lot of my childhood- with the colored and printed tiles-but we knew we wanted to make them our own.

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Sonny’s New (& DEF IMPROVED) Closet!


If you guys follow me on Instagram, you are well aware that we have been doing all kinds of renovations on our house! WELL…it’s finished!! I’m so SO happy. It feels like a new house. One of the rooms we attacked was Sonny’s. He did not have his own bathroom, so we gave him one! We are all thankful to have a separate space for him.

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