Creating a Minimalist Baby Registry


Soon-to-be moms – this one is for you!!

When I was pregnant with Sonny, we were lucky to get connected with so many amazing professionals that help guide us with what we needed (and didn’t). As I am sure you have started to experience, it can be really overwhelming with ALL of the baby products out there! And if you are are first time mom, I am sure you are scared too! You want to make sure you are completely prepared so you have one less thing to worry about once you bring your new babe home. Well, I don’t have too much advice on this, so I bought Diane Boden to the site to help you minimize your registry! She has some great tips.

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Postpartum Nutrition: What New Moms Really Need

“Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Listen to your body.” I got these words of wisdom from Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN as she helped me understand what new moms really need to replenish, rebuild and recover after childbirth. Those fancy letters after her name mean that Jessica is a maternal and child registered dietitian and nutritionist, and she’s taught me so much about the good, the bad, and the don’t-feel-guilty of postpartum nutrition.

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