How We Unwind Every Night 

Hi Everyone,

It feels like overnight all of our lives changed drastically. Quarantine was definitely a shock to our family’s system. We went through many phases of coping. The beginning was filled with so much anxiety fueled by fear of the virus, uncertainty and feeling trapped at home. Before too long, we quickly realized we needed to start truly taking care of ourselves – mentally and physically.

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Remember, Take Care of Yourself

Hi Guys,

I am always preaching about how important self-care is. I hope you’re not sick of it. It is SO important. Especially now. There is a lot of chaos happening in our country. We are in the thick of the biggest civil rights movement of our lifetime while continuing to face a pandemic. It is crucial we pay attention to ourselves, so we can stay mentally and physically healthy and grounded. It is more important than ever that we are in tune with what we need to approach life standing on level ground both physically and mentally. During these stressful and overwhelming days it can be really hard to stay positive. Every morning, I tell myself, “Today is going to be a great day.” (As taught to me by Dr. BJ Fogg. You should check out the podcast we did together if you have the chance.) Some days I believe it and some days I don’t. Saying this at least begins to reframe my thinking. It’s the smallest acts that can really help me keep my head above water.

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Giving and Receiving: Balanced Living in Unbalanced Times


As a mom, you feel an overwhelming responsibility to put your loved ones needs before your own and if you don’t you feel guilty about it. However, I have quickly learned that this is not productive for anyone. We have to take care of ourselves in order to be at our best to help others. That is self-care 101 right there. Right now, this is especially hard to do because it seems so selfish, but it is important to make ourselves an equal priority.

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My QUICK Morning Skincare Routine

Hi guys!

Skincare is such an important part of my self care routine, especially in the morning! Mornings are my favorite time of day, because it’s when I have the chance to get prepared and set the tone for what I want my day to look like. Timmy and Sonny are usually preoccupied watching morning TV, so I have a couple extra minutes to get ready which is really all you need for this process. A lot of you have been asking me what my morning skincare routine is…I thought it would easiest (and more fun!) if I show you.

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Me Time


Right now, my day to day schedule is really crazy. Sonny is two years old and in school so he now has a more complex schedule that I need to incorporate into my own. Additionally, I have so many new and wonderful things happening in my career. All this to be said, I am busy, and it is so easy for me to get lost in the chaos of my daily schedule.

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My Go-to Self-Care Activity

Whitney Port and son Sonny in their bathrobes in the bathroom using new Ivory products
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As a new mom who’s on the go nonstop, I’m constantly trying to balance my schedule and maintain a realistic routine for myself. It’s hard not to beat yourself up when you don’t stick to the plan. Realistically though, life isn’t perfect and keeping up with an agenda isn’t always possible. 

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