How I Get Ready for a Night Out!

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As most of you other new moms probably know, leaving your baby for a night out can be SO hard.  When I first had Sonny, it was difficult for me to leave him at home with a sitter whenever Timmy and I would go out for a date or if I had dinner plans with friends. As time has passed and he’s gotten older (he’s a little over 9 months now…crazy how fast time flies!), I’ve managed to create a balanced routine that allows me to spend quality time with him and have some moments to myself so I can feel/look my best for those occasional events.

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Makeup Tutorial Products

Hey guys!
I am so sorry this is so delayed! But below are the skincare and makeup products I used on my face when I did the makeup tutorial on my Instagram Live a couple weeks ago! This is my basic routine for a night out.
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Last week I had the most perfect Summer Friday! I worked out, went to my painting class and then met Paige at one of the most beautiful and relaxing spas in Los Angeles, Tomoko. Everything about this place is perfection! From the decor, to the mood lighting, to the yummy teas and treats, and perfectly in sync massage therapists. 

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I love working with Whitney as she has the most lovely skin. I actually use one of her skin care tips which is to hold a freezing cold wash cloth over your face for more radiance. It works…

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No matter how clean I keep my skin a breakout is always inevitable. Over the years I have tried everything and have finally figured out the best and FASTEST treatments to clear up that pesky blemish ASAP!

A couple months ago I had a terrible breakout around my chin, something I hadn’t really experienced since high school/college! I panicked, like we all do when we see something like that flare up on our face, and immediately went to my dermatologist. He told me that when it comes to Acne Treatment, Aveeno is his go-to recommendation! I have sworn by this ever since. Here are a few of my favorite products to keep my skin clear and won’t break the bank!

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