My New and Improved Nighttime Skincare Routine

Whitney Port shares her nighttime skincare routine with products from Aveeno, Image Skincare, Fresh, and Comfort Zone
So, I have been on a new nighttime skincare routine for about three weeks now and I am seeing a VAST improvement in the texture and look of my skin. Some of these products are old staples and the others are new products I have recently discovered and LOVE! I must admit, this is a very extensive process so for those if you with no patience for long routines or lots of products, this is NOT for you!
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Every few months I change up my skincare routine. Sometimes it is because I found an amazing new product that I want to incorporate, and other times because my skin needs a change. My routine may not be the easiest process but it definitely leaves me with clean, glowing skin!

  1.  First I splash my face with cold water (as cold as my water at home gets). Not only does this wake me up and feels super refreshing, but it definitely adds a little pinch of color to my face.
  2.  I mix Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser & M-61 Skincare Power Cleanser together in my palms and wash my face with that.
  3.  I mist my face with Murad Hydrating Toner. This not only adds extra moisture but wakes me up even more!
  4.  With an oval cotton pad, I then tone with InstaNatural Vitamin C Toner. This has Vitamin C, Retinol. Salicylic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide which equally, brighten, clear, moisturize and neutralize the skin.
  5.  While skin is still damp from using the toner, I moisturize with Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer (it has salicylic acid for acne treatment).
  6.  I then use InstaNatural’s Skin Defying Age Clearing Serum.
  7.  Next I dab on a little of my Algenist Eye Cream under my bottom lash line.
  8. I then mix the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, Jouer Luminizing Mositure Tint AND Anakiri Restore Propolis Balm for the perfect mix of tinting, protection and moisture.
  9.  I brush up, pencil and gel my brows with Anastasia’s new Brow Definer Pencil in Taupe.
  10.  I swipe on some Stila Convertible Lip & Cheek Cream Blush for a little peachiness in my cheeks.
  11.  I curl my lashes with this!
  12. For a pop of color and natural shine on the lips, I use Honest Beauty’s Truly Kissable Lip Crayon Sheer in Blossom Kiss.

My Morning Beauty Routine

Taking care of my skin has always played an important role in my daily routine, especially since I’ve never been a huge makeup person. Over time I’ve developed morning and evening beauty routines that have become engrained in my day-to-day life.

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