When two people love each other so much and the love becomes too great to fit inside both people, it spills over into a THIRD person.  This is how I am going to explain where babies come from to the little baby that is now growing inside my belly because Timmy and I are PREGNANT!

I peed on a stick and now I’m going to be a Mom! Timmy and I were a bit shocked, but so excited to begin this journey.  I’ll be posting some videos and pictures along the way, so you guys can be a part of everything. It’s been such an interesting and trying but amazing journey already. I can’t wait to share my experience AND learn so much from all of you!
I can’t wait to be a Mom, but the fact that there is another person inside there is seriously crazy!
Photo Credit: Cole Moser

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  1. Congrats Whitney, you will be a great mom, I am sure of that. You are a beautiful, kind and hard working woman and you baby will learn so much from you.

  2. Goose bumps! So happy for you and your husband!!!

    Somehow I have sensed something 😀 Also the last time i looked at Lauren Conrads page I sensed that their might be a baby on its way.

    I am wishing you all the best. Strengh happiness and joy for a new journey and a new exciting chapter full of new beautiful memories and moments! This is so beautiful!

  3. I used to work with your dad and Hal at RPI. I met you when you all were little, and it’s really nice to see you all grown up. I hope your mom is doing well. She and your dad were always so sweet. I’m sure your dad is beaming with pride from heaven while watching over his little girl becoming a mom. I hope your mom is doing well. Congratulations! Sincerely, Deanna Dreben

  4. I have a beautiful 7 month old girl. Being a mom is by the far the best! The love you feel for this little one is the best feeling in the world. Congrats!

  5. Congratulations! Yes, another person inside you, with potentially a different blood type!! super crazy to think about. If you have a girl you are creating the eggs that will be her children – your grandchildren!!

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