What I Use to Feel Energized & Calm


I am really, really excited to share a new amazing product by Olay!! Skin maintenance is one of my biggest obsessions. I’m with my sis right now and we were just going over our whole routines. We are skin obsessed! Always have been.  I believe it is so important to really care about your skin and it’s health! 

I have been traveling SO much and it can be a wreck on my skin! The airplane is super drying and I am currently writing in from New York where the air just feels very congested ( not that LA has the best air quality either ;()

One product that has seriously been getting me through all this dryness is Olay’s new Mist! I mist everywhere! As soon as I wake up, ( it’s so refreshing ) as soon as I take off, land, throughout the day, before I head out for a quick touch of glow, before I go to sleep! Literally AT ALL TIMES. I LOVE this product. It is the ultimate hydrating booster and instantly makes me feel like I am in spa. It smells delish.

Olay’s Mist includes skin hydrators, botanical ingredients and fresh fragrances that restore the skin…and the MIND. I know, with my busy lifestyle, I really appreciate when a product can also calm my head.

The great thing is there are two types of mists for two different needs: Energizing & Calming. Two things I seem to be in need of at various times of the day!  

Here are some of the great attributes each of the Mists have:


  1.    With Vitamin C and Bergamot Extract to leave skin feeling revitalized, refreshed and energized.
  2.    Olay’s Bergamot Extract is grown in Southern France and Italy and is extracted from the peel of the fruit.
  3.    Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant for brightening and evening skin tone.
  4.    Also formulated with skin-loving niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and glycerin
  5.    Leaves skin looking bright.


  1.    With Aloe Leaf and Chamomile to calm dry, tight skin.
  2.    Aloe Vera is known for hydrating and calming skin.
  3.    Chamomile is known for its soothing properties and comes rich in antioxidants.
  4.    Also formulated with skin-loving niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and glycerin
  5.    Leaves skin with a visibly healthy glow.

Remember, the Olay Mist can be used when you have makeup on or even when you don’t! The Mist absorbs into the skin quickly and quenches with instant hydration. It feels like you are walking through a cloud and gives you an instant glow!!

You can grab your own Olay Mist at Target now!! You will LOVE it. I promise! Once you grab yours, let me know what you think in the comments below! xoxo

This content is sponsored by Olay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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