What My Sister Actually Used In Her Hospital Bag When She Had Her Baby

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This week on WITH WHIT, I have a very, very special guest…my younger sister, Paige! Her life does not look how she envisioned it. Four weeks before the stay at home order was put in place in California, she gave birth to her son, Wolf. My heart is with all of the brand new moms and women who are pregnant out there!

In this episode, Paige shares all of the details about her life as a new mom in quarantine. Currently, she is transitioning back into WFH and figuring out how to be a mom with no physical support from anyone other than her wonderful husband. During our conversation, Paige shared what she and her husband brought to the hospital when she went in for delivery. Below you will find her list (with shoppable links) and some great tips! Stay tuned for her feeding, newborn, home and nursery necessities!

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Paige’s Hospital Bag: 

  • Wallet – make sure you have your insurance card in there! Seems like common sense, but you never know! 
  • Phone
  • Phone Charger 
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, face wipes, Avene face mist, Embroylisse moisturizer, Aquaphor
  • Pajamas – didn’t use 
  • Nightgown – button down! Bought one off of Instagram from a brand called Recliner
  • Comfy clothes – only wore real clothes for the ride home from the hospital 
  • Eye mask – didn’t use 
  • Nursing bra – I brought the Simple Wishes pumping bra to the hospital with me. Once I got home I bought the Kindred Bravely nursing/pumping bra and LOVED it. You can wear it all day and don’t have to keep taking your bras off or pulling on up and down to feed/pump. 
  • Nursing pads – didn’t use 
  • Nipple cream – Motherlove
  • Comfortable underwear – didn’t use – take home as much of the mesh underwear from the hospital as possible!!
  • Washcloths – didn’t use 
  • Towels – only Ben used. I did not shower while in the hospital. 
  • Toilet paper – didn’t use 
  • Outfit to go home for wolf 
  • Nursing pillow – didn’t use 
  • Breast pump – didn’t use. They can give you one at the hospital. 
  • Comfy blanket – yes! Needed three. One for Your spouse, One for labor and one for postpartum 
  • Pillows – 2 – one for you and one for your spouse 
  • Americord kit – optional, but for those looking to do cord blood banking you must bring your kit to the hospital. Make sure you let the nurses know and arrange for pickup from the hospital. The Americord team makes it so easy, with pickup and texting you updates.
  • Birthing ball and pump – didn’t use 
  • Portable speaker – nice to have to play music. You could also use your phone. 
  • Extension cord – so necessary! You never know where in the hospital room the outlets will be. 
  • Diffuser and essential oils – didn’t use (we weren’t allowed to use anything with scents) 
  • Flameless candles – loved! These we used in the labor room and in the postpartum room! Set such a nice and relaxing vibe
  • Sandals for shower – didn’t use 
  • Ritual Prenatal – didn’t use 
  • Snacks – I didn’t pack anything, but it may be good to have some bars for postpartum. Make sure you make friends with your nice and get the local favorites at your hospital — at Cedars-Sinai, where I delivered, they have a special cocktail (apple juice, cranberry juice and orange juice over pebbled ice and chocolate chip cookies) 
  • Water bottles (normally I would say you could get from the vending machine but right now you may want to just pack your own) 

Ben Hospital Bag: 

  • Clothes – packed a change of clothes and wore sweatpants (slept in these) 
  • Pajamas – didn’t use 
  • Toiletries
  • Phone charger
  • Wallet
  • Laptop – didn’t use 
  • Laptop charger – didn’t use 
  • Video camera – didn’t use 
  • Video camera charger – didn’t use 
  • Polaroid camera — this was fun! We forgot to refill the camera before and only had 2 pics left on the roll, but now we have 2 great pictures on our refrigerator! 
  • Sandals for shower 
  • Nintendo Switch – used a lot!

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