Whit’s Wedding Wednesday: Veil or No Veil?

I feel like the wedding veil used to be second in line of importance to the dress, but many brides nowadays opt for no veil at all.

Some wedding dresses are truly completed by a romantic veil — there’s a reason this wedding tradition has been able to withstand the test of time. I’ve recently learned some of the historical origins of the veil, which varies through countries and cultures. Some brides wore them as protection from evil spirits (the Romans even wore flame-colored veils to scare off spirits), some religions used them as a sign of humility and respect before God, and Victorians turned them into a status symbol so that the royal brides wore the most weighty, lengthy and high-quality veils.

There’s a great deal of history behind wearing a veil, and it definitely feels like that finishing touch in wedding fashion.

However, I definitely see the pros of not having one, which include allowing your dress to shine (especially if you have pretty back details), simply not having to deal with a headpiece or just not wanting to abide by every tradition!

I still haven’t quite decided whether or not I want to wear a veil on my big day. If I go for it, there’s plenty more questions left to answer.

There are so many veil styles to choose from — there’s short ones, there’s long ones, there’s simple ones and there’s some highly intricate ones. And if you do choose to wear a veil, there’s the question of whether you should let it cover your face when you walk down the aisle.

What did you do for your wedding day?

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