Whit’s Wishlists: Gifts For Powerful Women


The holiday season is upon us! I have mixed emotions about it but like it or not it’s here. This year has…well sucked. Right? We are changing all of our normal holiday plans and it is a bummer. I miss my family and wish that we could all just be together. We all have to be to be safe and love from a distance. I love getting people gifts and this year especially I am putting a lot of thought into them. I want everyone I love to feel special.

This is the kick off to a series of gift guides I have made for this year!! This one features gifts that you can give all of those powerful and inspiring women in your life! PLUS I am doing a little GIVEAWAY! See below for deets!





Now through 12/4 at 11:59 pm, I am hosting a giveaway of all three of my candles that I made with @InFavorOf!! To enter, comment below on this post explaining who the most powerful woman is in your life and why. Post your IG handle as well so I can DM you! (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)


UNDERCLUB – Subscription based! Every month they curate designer underwear from fair trade and ethical brands, selected for your unique style and size preferences.

ALAMEDA TURQUESA Pinctada Pearls Shearling Mules

VILLA ROUGE Forrest Ballet Flats

UGG Classic Sheepskin Boots Short

BIRKENSTOCK Boston Shearling Suede Leather

XIRENA Teak Austin Twill Jacket

LUNYA Chunky Wool Sleep Mask

LUNYA Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set

THE GREAT The Boxy Crew and The Jersey Crop Set

FREE PEOPLE Picnic Sweater Set

THE GREAT The Trail Sweatshirt


DRAGON DIFFUSION Santa Croce woven leather basket bag

BY FAR Miranda Nutella Croci Embossed Leather






HAWKINS NEW YORK Organic Round Platter Blush




Teton is an orb-like vessel made of white clay dipped in a unique crawl glaze, which produces individual beads when fired in the kiln. It has top notes of jasmine and teakwood, middle notes of leather, sandalwood, patchouli, and Tonka Bean, and base notes of amber patchouli, and dark musk.


The sandy speckled clay used in the soft cylindrical form of Tahquitz is glazed in a glossy peach hue, with top notes of teakwood, citrus, and sea salt, middle notes of cedar, plum, and leather, and a base of sandalwood, amber, and patchouli.


In Ozark, a matte red clay container features a charming hand-carved sun face illustrated by Whitney. The scent has top notes of teakwood, citrus, and sea salt, middle notes of cedar, plum, lavender, and leather, and a base of oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli.

FLAMINGO ESTATE Full Size Candle Gift Set

SKAGERAK Edge Teapot


A QUESTION OF EAGLES Handmade Ceramic Carved Rim Nesting Bowls (Set of 5)

ST. FRANK Flax Linen Kantha Quilt

VISO Tapestry Blanket

BABA TREE Pakurigo Basket – Natural

MALA COLLECTIVE Natural Chindi Meditation Sit Set

ANNA KARLINE Handblown Femme Nue Decanter

GOBY Rose Electric Toothbrush

BALMUDA The Toaster


ART OF TEA Assorted Teabag Sachet 6-Section Gift Box



KEYSMART Phone & Accessory Sanitizing Tray

TDE Black Mock Croc iPhone XS Max Case

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  1. The most powerful woman in my life is my boss. I work in a high school counseling department and each day, especially this year, working with high school students can be overwhelming, exciting, draining, motivational, frustrating, and everything in between. My boss lost her husband suddenly a few years ago and raised her 2 kids on her own. She stays hours after work getting tasks done to help make her staff’s jobs easier and meeting the needs of all her students. She always has time to answer our questions when we need help with our own work, even her bosses go to her for guidance. I wish I could one day be as knowledgeable and respected as she is in this world. Being on her staff these last 3 years, I really feel like I’d be lost in this world if she hadn’t taken a chance on me and taught me what I know today. I am so grateful to have such a powerful woman as my department leader. @april11_13

    1. I have many influential women in my life; my mother, my grandmothers, my sister, my many aunts, cousins, former bosses, coworkers. When I consider the most powerful woman in my life, it is me! In my journey of self love and appreciation, I have learned I am the only one who has the power to make my dreams happen and my life what I choose. I have grown a human, raised him to adulthood, and now have the power to make the rest of my life what I choose! And I am incredibly lucky to have pieces of all the woman named above that have empowered me to be the woman I am today!

      IG: amandawike

    2. My mother is hands down the most influential woman in my life. She is smart, strong, loving and my best friend.


  2. My sister is one of the most powerful woman I know! Not only is she a second mother to me and my brother but she lost her job during this pandemic and still kept her head held high (whereas I would’ve had a full on meltdown). She persisted and JUST landed a job. I hope to grow to have that drive and attitude in the worse of times like she has. 🙂

    IG handle: @rypi3

  3. My immigrant (Indian) grandmother. She just passed this weekend and I’m writing her eulogy I was reminded of her exemplary ability to show both strength and warmth. She and her sister were orphaned as children. She went on to marry the most wonderful man and gave birth to 6 children. One died due to the German measles as an infant (I am now a mother myself and my heart aches at this). Her children emigrated to the US after college and the family vowed to be together when the time was right. We’re now all in the same city (it’s not wasted on me how special and rare this is) and she was able to spend the remainder of her life with our family by her side so she could smear her her grandchildren grow up and meet her great grandchildren. She instilled the importance of family in all of us.

  4. My sister is the most powerful woman I know. She just had a baby a couple of months ago and she hasn’t let diet culture make her feel bad for her post baby body. She also doesn’t let the comments of others bother her regarding how she’s raising her daughter. She inspires me with her confidence and she deserves to be spoiled this holiday season. IG handle: Sarah.veikle

    1. Definitely my Mama! She was a single mom to three girls and put herself through nursing school and then even got her Master’s Degree. She has the biggest heart, always roots for the underdog and is an amazing Nana to her 6 grandchildren. @kait_finding_balance

  5. My mom has overcome so much adversity in her life. I kind of feel like we need to get to know our parents again when we grow up. There’s so much to know about them outside of their roles as mom and dad. In learning more about my mom throughout my adulthood, I have a deep respect for her ability to remain positive, have faith, and love people so, so hard.

    IG: mortalbusboy

  6. My boss, Jeannie is the most powerful and strongest woman I’ve ever met! She had breast cancer in her 30’s and a double mastectomy,and through that time found sobriety. Then last year she had a heart attack which lead to them finding metastatic breast cancer in her lung. She underwent heart surgery and had 1/3 of her left lung removed! She continues to fight, brings genuine joy and laughter into my life. I feel so blessed that she is not only my boss but has become my best friend over the last 5 years. She is the mother I always wanted; and she has shown me that no matter what life throws at us, it is up to us to fight and survive. Jeannie is strong, honest, stubborn, wise, goofy and a brilliant leader and I’m so thankful she is in my life. She is the best teacher and friend I could ever ask for!<3 @lewilliams919

  7. The most amazing women in my life trade spots for the most powerful throughout this life. Currently, I’d say it is my little sister. She’s a mom of a two year old little girl who is absolute magic, but has faced a large amount of loss this year and has managed to find herself in somehow a healthier place with herself than before it all happened. Aside from the struggles of parenting during Covid, the love of her life passed away a few months back, she’s also in an extremely challenging coparenting evolution with her child’s father. She also lost her job through the pandemic. She has found herself at such an immense crossroads without a clue of what to do, where to go, and how to even remotely heal herself. She started out truly lost upon all of it and feeling truly helpless. She has dives into any and all education she can to heal her soul and mind and to care for her body, and most importantly to shake hands with her grief and challenges and allowed it to open her eyes and heart to what “her crew” really have in store for her. She has this new desire to really surrender and trust that everything that is happening for her is to be explored and felt and taken forward with her. She has consciously set aside her ego and very humanness to allow her soul to once again lead the way as intended. She’s made so much transformation in such a short amount of time with plenty of pain compounded against her. I could not be prouder of her determination and hunger for happiness and to truly know and feel and share love in whatever way she can.
    IG HANDLE: @ashlanol

  8. The strongest woman I know has to be whole heartedly my mother… shes faced teen pregnancy, moving to a new country where she couldn’t communicate because she didn’t know english, divorce and becoming a single mother of 5!!!she’s my queen in every aspect and on top of that she had to deal with not only one but two of her children coming out to her as members of the LGBTQ+ community! she’s always worked hard to make sure we all lived the life she wished she had when she was growing up. She’s a flawed woman but perfect in my eyes because she’s never once aside from recently turning 48 complained about her life- She is as the sex and the city writers would write perfectly imperfect… and I adore her for that.

  9. The strongest woman I know is my mother. She’s my best friend in the entire world and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She had my sister and I at a young age and after a messy divorce with my dad she became such a role model to me. She was in complete control of her life and prioritized us over anything. She quit her career to become a teacher just to have more time to take care of us. She went through a hard relationship and loss of a serious partner but still had such a positive outlook on life. I hope I can become half the mother she was to me. She radiates love and kindness in every situation she’s in.
    IG: vivianrichter

  10. Carol Smith, our “adopted grandmother” – we used to call her. She was the definition of class and the grandmother we never had (my dad never had a mother & my mom’s parents lived in another state and weren’t very involved). She used to take us to TJMaxx, out to the movies, & wined & dined us at restaurants. We had the absolute best sleep overs. She was never able to have children, so she basically took us in as her own. Her husband died when we were in elementary & then she got breast cancer & died soon after from prescription complications. She was known for wearing hats to church, truly one of the best dressed women I’ve known. My favorite Christmas’ were the ones we spent with her. She inspires me to build relationships that become family.

  11. There are two women that have impacted my life in a huge way. They both carry the title of mother for me. The first is my birthmom. At just 16 year olds she discover she was pregnant. She then made the very brave and life changing decision to have her baby. She then also made an even more selfless act and chose to place me up for adoption. Her act of selflessness brought me to my adoptive mom. There was never a day where I didn’t know that I was loved. This is of course only part of our story. There are so many lessons I have learned in the details. Both of these amazing women showed me how to be strong and kind. Sometimes I think we see these two things as separate. To be strong means to be harsh and to be kind means to be weak. However I believe that you must be strong to be kind. As women we should celebrate each other’s accomplishments and offer kindness to one another.

  12. My Mom is hands down the most powerful and strong woman in my life! My grandfather passed away about two weeks ago, and my Mom sure did fight for him. She had a heart problem when she was little and they had no money, so my grandfather would run moonshine illegally to pay for her hospital bills. For seven years he did this. It was amazing to see her reverse the role and take care of him during this crazy year of 2020. We couldn’t see him once he was in the hospital, yet she fought and fought for his life and when he was ready, she did everything she could to make him comfortable even without being physically with him. I love her so much and will admire her forever!

    IG: @arebeccablack

  13. The most powerful woman in my life is my boss and mentor, Lorena. I met her in 2017 and since then she has taught me so much, not only about the fashion industry, but she has also taught me how to stand up for myself, to always remember how far I’ve come, and to never stop believing in my dreams. Working as a social media manager for a small business has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I had never worked for Lorena. Before I met her, she grew up in the South Bronx raised by a single mother. Her mom taught her to be the strong woman that she is today. Unfortunately, Lorena was diagnosed with a brain tumor after giving birth to her second daughter about 7 years ago. She had lost the sensation on the left side of her face and was blind. To recover, she had to go through many radiation treatments, and suffered many long term effects from them. Losing her long beautiful hair was only temporary, but she has had many auto immune and other health issues since. Once she was diagnosed, she decided right then and there that she was going to follow her dreams no matter what because tomorrow is never promised. That is when she decided to open Bella V Boutique, first as a mobile fashion truck, and then opening her first brick and mortar. Having a boutique has been tough during 2020, to say the least. Since it was deemed non-essential and was shut down for months, she lost so much money all while still having to pay all of her bills. Lorena also tested positive for COVID back in April and was very sick for 21 days. Bella V has since re-opened and she has recovered (like the strong badass woman she is!!) Yet just recently, her husband and mother were diagnosed with COVID. And on top of all that, an elderly lady drove through the storefront just the other day and shattered the huge glass windows. The store is now all boarded up, and of course right before the holidays. It is unbelievable all Lorena has had to suffer… and yet she is still so positive, kind, loving, compassionate, and the most supportive person on the planet. I have always been able to turn to her when I need honest advice from someone who genuinely wants the best for me and to see me succeed. I am forever grateful for crossing paths with her, and I wanted to share this story to let her know how much I really do appreciate everything she has done for me and to remind her how powerful she is.

    IG: @_larissapaige_

  14. One of the most powerful woman I know is my grandmother. As a young girl, she was brought from Poland through Ellis Island as the family fled the Germans. Before leaving Poland, she watched many neighbors and family members get shot by Nazis.

    When she got to NY and was enrolled in school, she found peace and comfort in books and learning. Later in life she attended Brooklyn College and became a teacher.

    When I was young, anytime I would face a challenge she would encourage me to “take a break and just read” to give myself a chance to escape reality for just a few minutes and reflect on how to approach the challenge. As I got older, I decided I too wanted to be a teacher and encourage students to find peace in literacy.

    Because of my grandmothers inspiration, I now teach first grade in a low income neighborhood. With a large population of African American and Latino students, my kids are always facing challenges and I encourage them to find comfort in learning and literature.

  15. Hi, Whitney! Whenever I get this question or one like it, my answer is always the same: my mom. When I was younger, I took for granted just how wonderful she was. I guess I assumed that everyone had a mom like her. As I got older, I began to realize just how lucky I am. She is, without a doubt, the most selfless and loving individual I have ever known. She is my biggest cheerleader and the woman I hope to emulate one day.
    My mom works as a kindergarten teacher in a low-income area. Over the years, she has had numerous students who have faced unspeakable trauma and debilitating challenges. However, she always finds a way to help her students flourish-both academically and socioemotionally. She does this by creating genuine and positive relationships with each student that walks through her door. While I know not everyone has a mom like mine, I find joy in the idea that hundreds of kindergarteners will get to experience a love like hers at least once in their life.
    IG: emilynickens

  16. My grandmother! She died before I was able to know her as an adult, but everything I know of her and everything I learn about her inspires me to be more resilient, independent, forgiving, and true to myself. She marched to the way of her own drum, I remember that. She didn’t let others criticism of her (there was plenty) tear her down, but most of all she was always there to build others up.

  17. The most powerful women in my life are my friends who are caring, loving, reaching out, building up their lives, creating new projects and more all during this pandemic. And yet, they’re still open enough to talk through when they’re overwhelmed or hurting. We care for each other and root each other on! IG @camcmahon

  18. Hi!! I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. ❤️ The strongest woman in my life is my mom! She is thinking of everyone around her 100% of the time. Her kindness has only grown throughout the pandemic. She routinely drops care packages off to family and friends to brighten their days. I am so grateful for my mom (even though I don’t tell her enough). She is constantly setting a beautiful example of what it means to be a mother and a woman. I would not be where I am without her, that is for sure. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect on this!! Insta: @juliehatala

  19. My mom is the most powerful woman in my life. She never gives up and has endured the strongest person I know

  20. the most powerful woman in my life is my mom! she works so hard for her family and our community. she runs our local food bank and has worked especially hard this year to make sure everyone is still getting what they need during these crazy times. she had to grow up very fast and i’ve always admired her. (@lauravanner)

  21. The most powerful woman I know is my mom. She is my role model, inspiration, and best friend. As a single mom she raised me with the most caring, giving, self-less spirit. She sacrificed everything so that I could succeed. We don’t go a day without talking. There’s a song lyric by You + Me that really sums up perfectly who she is, “you taught be how to be right in a world gone wrong”. @sophiabrionne

  22. My mother, the matriarch! My mother raised 8 children by herself since my father was the provider of our household and he was always working. She is the most altruistic human being I’ve ever known regardless of her upbringing. Her power lies in her kindness and strength. She has always persevered through her trials and tribulations and has taught us that real life is hard and there will be struggle but without struggle we won’t truly comprehend how to be grateful for what we have.
    Instagram: @veelyon

  23. My first thought was Martha Stewart. I have always loved her show and Magazine. almost every skill i have is thanks to her. The strength she has is so admirable. The elegance she has is strong and that has been inspiring me for years. I also think her ability to delegate and curate is unmatched. @globeaffair

  24. The most powerful women in my life are my mom and my sister because they are both very tough woman who have helped me throughout my life as I have a neuromuscular disability and they always make sure to make my life as fulfilling as it can be. I’m also incredibly inspired by them always.
    Instagram brittsimon07

  25. As the youngest, my siblings always remind me of how lucky I was to get the “better” version of my mother. Without disclosing too much of her private life on here, I would just like to say that she wasn’t always who she is today, but I wouldn’t trade our past for anything. We have cried together, laughed together, cried from laughing too hard, as well as yelled at each other. There are plenty of bonds in this world that remind us what it means to be human, but I’m sure we can all agree that certain bonds don’t have to be created because they just “are” from the very beginning. @firestring

  26. My mama! She has raised four kids while pursuing her dream as a health coach. She’s also so involved in the community and the most thoughtful person I know.

    IG: bridget_nagle

  27. My sister! She juggles all of life’s challenges so effortlessly. My one year old niece is thriving, while my sister manages both care and her full time job as an architect. She started her own practice a few years ago and has been really successfully in running her own profitable business. Best of all , she gets to work on what she wants and take on new projects that truly interest her. My inspiration both personally and professionally! @capslock_carly

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