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Whitney Port answers questions on Instagram live and recaps her answers on
I had so much fun going live with you all! I hope you enjoyed it too. For those of you who didn’t catch any or all of it, here is a wrap up of all the questions and answers we covered.

Feel free to comment below with what you want to hear next time! And stay tuned for next weeks Chapter of I Love My Baby, But

Q. Where is your SONNY necklace from?
Q. Where do I get my eyebrows done?
A. I used to go to @browsbyshaila in Brentwood but if I can’t get over there since I live in the valley now, I go to Anastasia in Beverly Hills. In NYC, I go to @eyebrowdoctor.
Q.What kind of formula do I give Sonny?
A. I give him HIPP from . We just started the stage 2.
Q.How did I ween off breastfeeding/pumping?
A. I stopped nursing about 2 months in and was exclusively pumping. I weened off slowly. Dr. Joubin Gabbay wrote a step by step process about weening off, that will be posted soon!
Q. What’s my workout routine?
A. I recently started getting back into working out and am using ClassPass to spice up my workouts. I love pilates (My BFF is a pilates teacher in LA, @pilates_by_amanda), hot yoga and spinning. My goal right now is to work out 3x a week. On Monday, I will be hosting an Accountability Challenge on my blog so stay tuned!
Q. How do I bring the baby to sleep?
A. About 2 months ago, we tried to get Sonny to sleep on his own without any help from us. We didn’t want to him to fall asleep at the bottle or in our arms. Alanna McGinn from / @gnsleepsite, taught us how important this was for them to be able to self soothe and be able to wake up in the crib on their own and put themselves back to sleep. We don’t want them to remember falling asleep all cozy and comfy in someones arms and then wake up in the crib wondering how they got there! Now we ONLY put him in his crib awake and let him fall asleep on his own and it’s become a habit. Before bedtime at 6, we do the same routine every night- bath time, massage, bottle, soothing music, put down. Consistency is key.
Q. How often do I drink?
A. Now that I am not breastfeeding, I CAN drink whenever I want, but I don’t. My body is so much more sensitive to alcohol and being tired/hungover is SOOOO much worse when you have to take care of a baby. I have a glass of wine about every other day. I was doing the same thing when I was pumping.
Q. Would I recommend @ramireztransalon?
A. Yes, definitely. I have been going to Johnny Ramirez there for years. You have to be prepared to be there for a while as he is a busy guy and his process involves a lot of steps, but it is so worth it!
Q. When am I starting Solids?
A. I am going to start in about a week! When Sonny is 6 months. I am going to start with one meal a day consisting of only one ingredient for a span of 3 days so I can test for any allergies. I am going to start using @yumi– an amazing baby food delivery program whose fresh, organic meals are delivered weekly right to parents’ doorsteps throughout California, as well as select markets in AZ, NV and UT.
Q.Is Sonny still in the Merlin Suit?
No! He is now just in a sleep sack! He transitioned out of it a couple weeks ago.

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  1. I love hearing all of your new mommy thoughts and ideas. I’m a mom of three so you’ve keep my last baby stages entertaining and informative. I would love to hear more about how you pumped your first time away from Sonny when you traveled. That dilemma is in my near future? How to pump in an airport? Etc.
    Sonny is such a doll. You and Timmy are great first time parents! Keep posting pics of that adorable little boy!

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