Your Tuesday Truce: Be a Healthier YOU in 2016

We all know that each New Year offers an ideal time to make some serious changes. It’s your chance to set exciting goals and to truly get a fresh start, especially when it comes to your health and well-being. Instead of worrying about what to remove from your life – No more gluten! Cut out sugar! Carbs are your enemy! – try to think about positive things you can add. Here’s a list of 7 simple daily additions that will set your body (and mind!) up for success in the New Year:

  1. Start each day with warm water and lemon. This might be the easiest suggestion, but don’t be fooled, it comes with substantial benefits! This combo is proven to kick start your digestive system and metabolism, beginning your day on the right note. It’s also a positive morning ritual to establish, allowing you a nice morning moment of calm.
  2. Swap out your afternoon snack for a green juice. If you’re not already on the green juice train, now’s the time to jump on! Vegetable-packed juices are an awesome way to get essential nutrients and vitamins quickly into your system. They help to boost immunity, aid digestion, and increase energy. No more afternoon slump here!
  3. Do your eyes (and brain) a favor and pick up a good book, like the old fashioned kind you can’t read on a screen ☺. Kindles are super convenient, but there’s something so relaxing about paging through a book. It’s also a forced break away from your phone, and a good reminder that there really is more to look at than Instagram.
  4. Take the stairs. Always. Really.
  5. Try meditating. This one’s no longer just for the yogis. Meditation is the ultimate stress reliever and can help with both physical and emotional ailments. Don’t know where to start? Simply focus on your breath. There are also tons of great resources out there for beginners – google is your friend.
  6. Put your legs up at the end of the day. In yoga, this pose is called Legs Up the Wall, and it looks exactly like it sounds. Lie on your back with your bum near a wall, and put your feet up, using the wall to support your legs. Aim to stay here for at least 5 minutes. This pose helps to calm the nervous system, quiet the mind, and increase blood flow.
  7. Find time for the things you love. Maybe you’ve been trying to make it to a workout class, eat at a new restaurant, or visit a museum. Maybe you just want to stay home and watch movies with your dog. Whatever it is that brings you joy, try your best to make a little extra time for it.

About Blaire: A Minnesota native, Blaire has always had an interest in all things health and wellness. She’s spent the last 10 years studying nutrition, yoga, sustainable development, and public health. After returning to Minnesota from Los Angeles, she recently opened Truce, her hometown’s first 100% organic, fresh pressed juice company.


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