Whitney Port answer questions on her blog.

I have decided to do a new series on the blog called “You Asked, Whit Answered.” On a daily basis I receive so many questions on my Youtube channel, Instagram pictures and Stories and here on the blog. I have decided to turn it into a series where a few times a month I will take some of the most asked questions and answer them here!

1. Where did you get the sweater that you wore in Saturday’s YouTube Live video?
A: It is Vince Camuto. You can buy it here!


2. How do you balance baby and business?

A: I honestly don’t! It is so hard to find a real balance. I take each day truly day by day and make lots of to do lists! Baby comes first right now but I try to take advantage of help as much as I can. I work three days a week and spend the other four solely with baby. I definitely find myself very overwhelmed and behind on a lot but I try not to be too hard on myself. It is important that as new moms, we give ourselves a break and not maintain the same expectations of ourselves we once had.


3. Have you read any good parenting books?

Honestly, I haven’t ready any! I don’t know whether this is good or bad. Sometimes I think the more random information I know, the more I willl second guess my decisions. But I also don’t want to be ignorant. If you know of any great ones, I am open to them! Some women in my Mommy Group love THE HAPPY SLEEPER. I bought it but haven’t read it yet.


4. What was your favorite part about being pregnant?

Eating whatever I wanted! In my last trimester, I stopped worrying about gaining weight and really tried to enjoy this time in my life! When else was I ever going to indulge like that?


5. What registry items are you happy you registered for?

My Spectra S1 Pump, my Uppababy stroller,  my Dr. Browns bottles, my Petit Pehr bedding, and my Frida baby kit.


6. What was that jacket you wore to the Revolve Awards?

This Majorelle Luka Faux Fur Coat from It was so warm and cozy for a chilly LA night.

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