Whit’s Wishlists: Gift for Kids


As promised, here is my gift guide for kids!! It has a good mix of toys you both will love, books with beautiful messages, fun fashion finds and just cute stuff!  Right now, Sonny is in the “PLAY WITH ME!” phase, so I chose gifts that we both could enjoy! The stars on his ceiling are the best art project for you ever! So therapeutic. Hopefully these ideas will help you find those last minute gifts you need for the kids in your life! I promise they will love any of this! Well, maybe not the clothes, but, everything else. 

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How We Unwind Every Night 

Hi Everyone,

It feels like overnight all of our lives changed drastically. Quarantine was definitely a shock to our family’s system. We went through many phases of coping. The beginning was filled with so much anxiety fueled by fear of the virus, uncertainty and feeling trapped at home. Before too long, we quickly realized we needed to start truly taking care of ourselves – mentally and physically.

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Teaching Your Curly, Coily, Wavy Haired Kids How to Love Their Locks

Hi Guys!!

I am obsessed with Sonny’s hair. Cutest curls in the world. I hope they NEVER go away. A lot of you are always asking me how I manage them. When he had extremely long hair it wasn’t easy. He used to hate having his hair washed because it would get SO tangly. His hair is much shorter now and thankfully he doesn’t mind having it detangled. He gets a head massage! Who doesn’t love that? I hope he grows up to love his hair as much as I do.

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Talking About Race With Your Kids

Hi Guys,

Our country is in turmoil right now. One of the most important things…if not THE most important thing we can do long term is to educate ourselves and our children about racism. The looming question I know other white parents are facing is “is my child too young to start talking to them about race issues?” The short answer is NO. Timmy and I started by buying lots of books for Sonny that support conversations on race, racism and resistance. You can see the first batch we got in my BLACK LIVES MATTER highlight on Instagram.

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Helping Babies and Toddlers Sleep Well During COVID-19

Hi Parents,

Like everyone else, our daily routine and schedule has drastically changed. We had Sonny on a very strict schedule which included a very precise nap and bedtime. It wasn’t difficult to get him to fall asleep, because he was always tired after school. Even though his regular routine has changed and is different every day, we are still striving to keep nap time and bed time consistent…for him and for us.

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