Talking About Race With Your Kids

Hi Guys,

Our country is in turmoil right now. One of the most important things…if not THE most important thing we can do long term is to educate ourselves and our children about racism. The looming question I know other white parents are facing is “is my child too young to start talking to them about race issues?” The short answer is NO. Timmy and I started by buying lots of books for Sonny that support conversations on race, racism and resistance. You can see the first batch we got in my BLACK LIVES MATTER highlight on Instagram.

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Helping Babies and Toddlers Sleep Well During COVID-19

Hi Parents,

Like everyone else, our daily routine and schedule has drastically changed. We had Sonny on a very strict schedule which included a very precise nap and bedtime. It wasn’t difficult to get him to fall asleep, because he was always tired after school. Even though his regular routine has changed and is different every day, we are still striving to keep nap time and bed time consistent…for him and for us.

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Here is “What I Wore, Used and <3’ed This Week: Staying at Home.” This week has been part of a major transition period. I want to continue to share what I am using and loving throughout the week with you, but I also know some may not be in a spending mood. All good. I’m not really either but maybe these picks can help bring you guys a little browsing entertainment, inspiration or joy.

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Homeschooling Resources From My Friend & Educator, Sam Foreman

Hi Parents!

It is an incredibly stressful time. Not only are we adjusting to constant life at home, but we are also trying to homeschool our kids. Timmy and I were so nervous about it in the beginning. Our biggest goal right now (apart from staying home and safe) is continuing to advance Sonny’s development and teaching him as best we can. I hope what you are about to read gives you a lot of relief and encouragement for homeschooling!

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Home School Preparedness Kit

Hi guys!

Like most schools, Sonny’s has been canceled until likely after his spring break which is Mid April. It is important to us that we continue to encourage and support his development so we got him some enriching Montessori style toys.

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