How We Unwind Every Night 

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It feels like overnight all of our lives changed drastically. Quarantine was definitely a shock to our family’s system. We went through many phases of coping. The beginning was filled with so much anxiety fueled by fear of the virus, uncertainty and feeling trapped at home. Before too long, we quickly realized we needed to start truly taking care of ourselves – mentally and physically.


I am so grateful to have the chance to partner with Young Living Essential Oils. As a wellness company, Young Living understands the importance of creating a safe and relaxing home environment where the whole family can take care of each other. They offer toxin-free products to help keep you safe and healthy. Here is a link to a report they made with all of their research: Home is at the Heart of It: How Families Are Sheltering Together During a Worldwide Crisis. It is VERY interesting and enlightening. It will give you some context as to why we all need Young Living’s products in our homes. A lot of these products have been quickly implemented into our nighttime routines.

Routine in our house is VERY important. It provides a sense of calm and normalcy. Not only for Sonny, but for Timmy and me as well. Having a consistent and calming routine before bed sets our bodies and our brains up for success. In order to show up for all of the daily stressors and anxieties, we have to first take care of ourselves. It’s not selfish. It is actually a very giving act to take care of oneself. And I know it is easier said than done, but it’s not. It is actually very easy to do. Here’s a step by step process for how Sonny and I unwind after a long day. 

Sonny’s Bedtime Routine

Since Sonny was born, we have had a consistent bedtime routine. Young Living’s research found 56% of parents say their kids have experienced more daily stress as it relates to COVID-19 compared to normal times.  So now more than ever we are trying to help Sonny relax from these crazy days. 

Step 1: Start bath. Sonny likes it lukewarm. Sometimes I add bubbles. 

Step 2: Dim the lights and turn down the shades. It is important that Sonny knows we are transitioning from daytime to nighttime and from play time to chill time. 

Step 3: When the bath is ready, we turn on relaxing music. Our usual go to is soothing classical playlists. We do this in an attempt to calm him down. 

Step 4: Bath time.

Step 5: Put lotion and PJs on.

Step 6: The hardest part about his routine is getting him to brush his teeth. He will always try to play and delay. Incentives are always a necessity. I tell him that when we finish, we can turn on his Feather the Owl Diffuser by Young Living. He LOVES it.

Step 7: Set up Feather the OwlDiffuser with a few drops of Lavender essential oil. Sonny loves his Feather. He thinks it is SO cute. We love it because the essential oil is  free of toxins and the smell of lavender will help him create memories of these times we have together as a family. 

Step 8: Reading time.

Step 9: Potty break.

Step 10: Read one more book.

Step 11: Get him into his sleep sack.

Step 12: Turn on “Clair De Lune” and relax together in his chair with a sippy cup of water. ( Lately he wants to lay on the floor with us first and THEN move to the chair. It is just a new form of procrastination.)

Step 13: Put him in his crib while he is still awake. We learned from Alanna Mcginn that putting babies in their cribs awake is a great first step in sleep training. It teaches them how to fall asleep on their own. Sonny is now a champ at this. He will play and stir and sing for a little while once we put him down, but he eventually goes down without any assistance or coddling from us. 

My Nighttime Routine

If you have been following me for a while you know that I love my skincare routine BUT it is hard for me to find the time during the day for any self care. I’m a firm believer that I can only be my best self for my family if I am taking the time to do the things that make me feel good. Quarantine took me for a loop when I wasn’t able to go get facials, massages or go to my favorite hot yoga classes anymore. I’ve had to adopt a new routine at home. My days are usually unpredictable and slightly sporadic with my business. So, nighttime is the only time I can really schedule a firm routine like Sonny’s. Here are my steps! 

Step 1: Get the kitchen, our bedroom and playroom (“chickens area”) cleaned from the day. I can only start to relax once everything is in order. 

Step 2: I will turn on my Lustre Artisan Diffuser in my bathroom. Like Sonny’s Feather, I am able to fill it with essential oils that create a calm and relaxing environment. I especially love this diffuser out of the many Young Living makes because it’s handcrafted by a master glassblower, so it’s a unique work of art. Again, like Sonny, I love to wind down to classical music. 

Step 3: While the diffuser is doing it’s thing, I take a LONG, HOT shower. It’s my at home spa.

Step 4: A must is taking the time to do my Nighttime Quickie Facial (you can see my steps for this on my IGTV). I will do this facial about once a week and just my general routine the rest of the evenings which includes a cleanser, a toner, serums, a moisturizer and a mist! 

Step 5: Once I get out of the shower, I put body lotion on and then my Stress Away Roll-On​ by Young Living. It has the most incredible smell. It includes Vanilla, Lime, Lavender essential oil, as well as Copaiba and Cedarwood. I massage it onto my wrists (feels AMAZING) and sometimes underneath my nose so I get an overwhelming amount of scent. I love it. 

Step 6: I then come out to the family room where Timmy is most likely playing a video game or watching CNN. Timmy and I will watch a few episodes of an easy show we are hooked on or record THE CITY REACTION VIDEOS or maybe even a movie if I feel like I won’t fall asleep halfway through it! 

Step 7: Once I have likely fallen asleep on the couch, I get up, go back to my room where my diffuser has created the most relaxing environment and PASS OUT! My goal is to add a meditation into the mix here but one new thing at a time, ya know? 

I HIGHLY recommend everyone create some sort of nightly routine for yourself! I cherish mine. I also cherish the time we have with Sonny during this. What are some of the ways you relax after a crazy day? Leave me a comment below!




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