Resilience Strategies From Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Hi Everyone,

It has been almost 3 months since the Stay At Home order was put in place in California. Parts of LA are beginning to reopen, but we are still limiting leaving the house. A lot of us are continuing to be tested right now as restlessness, stress and anxiety continue to persist with all of the uncertainty going on in our country. Dr. Arielle Schwartz is back with an essay on resilience strategies.

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Remember, Take Care of Yourself

Hi Guys,

I am always preaching about how important self-care is. I hope you’re not sick of it. It is SO important. Especially now. There is a lot of chaos happening in our country. We are in the thick of the biggest civil rights movement of our lifetime while continuing to face a pandemic. It is crucial we pay attention to ourselves, so we can stay mentally and physically healthy and grounded. It is more important than ever that we are in tune with what we need to approach life standing on level ground both physically and mentally. During these stressful and overwhelming days it can be really hard to stay positive. Every morning, I tell myself, “Today is going to be a great day.” (As taught to me by Dr. BJ Fogg. You should check out the podcast we did together if you have the chance.) Some days I believe it and some days I don’t. Saying this at least begins to reframe my thinking. It’s the smallest acts that can really help me keep my head above water.

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Giving and Receiving: Balanced Living in Unbalanced Times


As a mom, you feel an overwhelming responsibility to put your loved ones needs before your own and if you don’t you feel guilty about it. However, I have quickly learned that this is not productive for anyone. We have to take care of ourselves in order to be at our best to help others. That is self-care 101 right there. Right now, this is especially hard to do because it seems so selfish, but it is important to make ourselves an equal priority.

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Here is “What I Wore, Used and <3’ed This Week: Staying at Home.” This week has been part of a major transition period. I want to continue to share what I am using and loving throughout the week with you, but I also know some may not be in a spending mood. All good. I’m not really either but maybe these picks can help bring you guys a little browsing entertainment, inspiration or joy.

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Prep List In Case You Get Sick


I hope everyone is being safe, smart and clean. I know it’s so scary right now! The media covering  is overwhelming. There is a lot of information out there about what we should do to prevent getting this, however, I am not seeing that much about what to do if we contract it.

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How To Achieve “Body Freedom”

HI!! Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe it’s already 2020! So much happened in 2019, yet it seemed to fly by. Does it feel like that for anyone else? One exciting thing that happened last year was I released my first podcast, WITH WHIT! Thank you so much to everyone who has tuned in and listened. This has been such an incredible journey of growth and LEARNING – seriously…I never thought I would learn so much doing this.

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