Creating a Mindful WFH Space

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Prior to quarantine, I didn’t have a designated work space. If I wasn’t at an event, filming or recording my podcast, WITH WHIT, I was working from home at my breakfast table. It was tough. It was hard to concentrate on what I needed to do for work, as I got distracted by things that needed to be done around the house or for Timmy and Sonny. On top of that, I didn’t have a spot for anything.

I am 100% working from home everyday and have even more work related items spread out around the house. Now that I cannot go into the studio to record podcasts with guests, I do everything from home. That means microphones, cords, recorders, memory cards, my computer…the list goes on…everywhere. It’s overwhelming and makes me anxious to be disorganized. SO, I decided I needed to have a major WFH makeover.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Jessica Yatrofsky, artist, author and the founder of​ Only Beautiful Living​, personal curation service, offering an in-depth aesthetic approach to arranging your belongings and learning how your spaces hold the potential to inspire, support and align with your ideal lifestyle. Jessica is a Certified ​KonMari Master​ and host of the podcast Mind Space Minimal. She has brought her unique aesthetic vision to her 1-on-1 work with celebrity clients and partnered with Fortune 500 companies and luxury brands, including Ann Taylor, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Art Basel. As an ambassador for Transcendental Meditation and the David Lynch Foundation, she has participated in curated panels, discussions and events exploring the connections between minimalism, consciousness and creativity.Jessica is here to help me and YOU(!!!) get our WFH spaces organized and wonderful! Below you will find her 5 Steps to Creating a Mindful WFH Space! Also, I have included all of the items I have purchased for my space! Hope they can give you some inspo.Stay safe.



5 Steps to Creating a Mindful WFH Space by Jessica Yatrofsky

Our homes should provide stability, security, and a respite from our busy lives. But when our homes suddenly become our office, the fact that our spaces aren’t organized in the way we envision for ourselves was thrown into sharp relief in 2020. So if you feel like your space still isn’t “work from home” ready, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to set up your WFH-day for success.

1. Set an intention for your space

Intention setting is a beautiful way to express your true desires and I find that visualization is the easiest way to set an intention for any space. In order to achieve your ideal WFH space it’s helpful to first make a list of all the qualities you’d like this space to have and then set an intention to create that space.

2. Locate the best place for your WFH set up

Every home or apartment is different and has its own challenges but if you can find a space in your home to dedicate to working, this would be preferable to working in multiple locations all over your home. With one dedicated space for work, you can maintain personal life/work balance and also keep unhelpful clutter from interfering in both spaces. I tend to favor a work space with natural light as I feel it helps me stay productive. When you’re designating your WFH area, make sure you find a space that keeps your energy high. It’s about how you feel about where you’re working rather than exactly where you are working.

3. Gather your desk and home office essentials

Use this opportunity to flirt with your inner minimalist–less is more! Gather only what you deem necessary for your work day so that you stay focused on your work. But don’t be afraid to personalize your space and make it more conducive to your needs. A great way to create centering energy in your space is to place a candle, flowers, incense–something with light fragrance–on or near your desk. If you aren’t into scent, perhaps a plant or natural element like a stone will provide grounding.

4. Identify your WFH uniform

How you show up in the world says a lot about who you are–even virtually. Although you might not have carried out a wardrobe detox recently (or ever) it’s possible to create your uniform by simply identifying what outfits or pieces can make you feel professional and put together while you’re working from home. Selecting a few items from your wardrobe that you feel most confident and comfortable wearing will help you manifest a working mindset. If this means all you need is a blazer to feel like you’re ready to work, leave your favorite one on the back of your desk/office chair.

5. Practice a WFH Mindset

It can be hard to summon an organizational mindset at the start of your day so make the start of your day the night before. A great habit to practice is reviewing your upcoming tasks, whether that’s making a list, reviewing your calendar or simply envisioning what your day will look like. Instead of the day just coming at you, you are actively anticipating what is to come and this is all a part of practicing a mindful WFH mindset


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