What My Sis, Jade, Is Wearing, Using and <3'ing

Hi hi hiiii!

My sister Jade just left – I’m so sad. But, so so so grateful that we were able to spend so much time together. I cherish it. While she was here, I had her on my podcast!! Have you listened yet?? Check it out on Apple or Spotify! Subscribe to my podcast if you haven’t yet!! Would love for you to not miss an ep. Also, rate and write a review. I really want to know what you think. Tell me what you want to hear more or less of.

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How To Show Up Authentically Online


I am always telling y’all to stop comparing yourselves to others. I truly believe that, but it’s so hard, right?? I struggle with it too sometimes. It’s especially difficult on social media. The purpose of social media is to follow and look at other people’s lives. We are just asking ourselves to compare. No matter what anyone else is doing or saying, you have to follow your passion. Don’t let others distract you from following your dreams!! Your passions and ideas are yours and that’s what makes them unique and special.

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WITH WHIT: This is Your Superpower


I don’t know exactly what it is, but I am working on myself more than ever. I’mnot sure if it’s my age, becoming a mom, being married for 5 years, quarantine or just all of it, but I am on the mission to be the happiest, most productive and calm I can be. Last week, I talked to Kelsey Murphy, Business and Life Coach, on my podcast, WITH WHIT and she helped me put into words everything I was feeling, thinking and wanting to get better at. Isn’t it the best when you can connect to someone who speaks your language? 

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Celeste Thomas, Registered Nurse & Holistic Skincare Expert, Must-Have Skincare Products

Hi Guys!

As you guys know…I LOVE talking about skincare. Is it getting annoying yet, cause I could do it for hours and hours? I almost did this week on WITH WHIT! I spoke with Celeste Thomas, a Registered Nurse and holistic skincare expert. She has devoted her career to exploring the ever-evolving skincare industry. Celeste utilizes her medical expertise and passion for holistic wellness to find what truly works. Below you will find links to products from her favorite skincare brands!! I already bought and love them all!

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How To Achieve “Body Freedom”

HI!! Happy New Year!!

I can’t believe it’s already 2020! So much happened in 2019, yet it seemed to fly by. Does it feel like that for anyone else? One exciting thing that happened last year was I released my first podcast, WITH WHIT! Thank you so much to everyone who has tuned in and listened. This has been such an incredible journey of growth and LEARNING – seriously…I never thought I would learn so much doing this.

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YourMomCares: Fighting Children’s Mental Illness

Hi guys!

This week on WITH WHIT, I spoke with two inspiring women, Sharon Feldstein and Patsy Noah. They are BFFs, celebrity moms and the founders of YourMomCares! Sharon is Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s mom and Patsy Noah is Adam Levine’s mom! I was so excited to sit down with them to talk about their company YourMomCares, a non-profit fighting for children’s mental health.

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