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My name is Taylor Fitzgerald and I am a Makeup Artist in New York City. I just woke up and took a good glance in the mirror, and was in complete shock. Not exactly what you would expect, my under eyes actually DON’T have as bad of circles as I anticipated. One of the top five questions I get asked as a Makeup Artist is, “What can I do about these under eyes?” Today I will be giving the lowdown on my favorite products to brighten those bags.

1. First in line is one of my personal favorites, the Wrinkle Warrior Eye Gel by Kate Somerville. I know, the title is a bit deceiving if you’re looking for help with darkness, BUT, this lightweight gel combats wrinkles and puffiness as well as dark circles. Two key ingredients are Yeast and Plankton extracts which aid in diminishing the appearance of those blue hues. Ingredients including White Lupine and Alfalfa help reduce puffiness which draws more attention to darkness. The brand did a study that proved after 4 weeks of use, 90% of women saw their dark circles reduce under their eyes! Another amazing and effective product from Kate Somerville.

2 Next up is another favorite that I love to use on myself and my clients, The Pearl Tinted Illuminating Eye Treatment from Tatcha. Instant gratification as well as long term are what initially intrigued me. It awakens the under eyes with one of three correction color options and a pearl-like sheen. As for long term results, it is boosted with niacinamide which is known to brighten and firm. This product is a two in one brightener and treatment that makes a quick makeup that much easier. When you are looking to add additional coverage, makeup sits beautifully on top of this hydrating balm.

3. A Makeup Artist cult favorite! Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème, inspired by the infamous “banana powder” is effective and affordable. Rich in Vitamin C, after just 4 weeks of a study on 37 women, 95% agreed this eye cream reduced signs of fatigue. This eye creme also has collagen helping skin elasticity. You’ll notice it has a yellow hue which is meant to lightly correct (nothing too intense so it’s suitable for most under eyes) and the best part, the texture is one of the best for prepping makeup. It prevents creasing and getting all dried up throughout the day. I hate to think someone skips their eye cream step because their makeup doesn’t look good on top of it so definitely try out this product!

4. If you haven’t tried a product from Drunk Elephant or at least heard about the brand, I am genuinely surprised and will introduce you right now. An effective non-toxic line that ensures the active ingredients are at the most effective level while focusing on pH levels and safety. They’re also supporters of the International Elephant Foundation and cruelty-free, hooray! Okay, now about their C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. They use FIVE different forms of Vitamin C to brighten, even skin-tone, and tighten that under eye area. Those who have sensitivity to gluten, essential oils, and fragrance, this eye cream is formulated without all of those components and perfect for you! 


5. Last but not least, the La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eye Cream for dark circles. I was introduced to this line from a model on set who had the most gorgeous skin. I have to admit initially I was shocked, but she she swore by this line. Well, now I love this brand too and easy enough, it’s sold in drugstores! Light reflective pigments help to instantly brighten and one of the main ingredients is coffee. If caffeine applied to your under eyes doesn’t convince you, I am quitting my job right now. Also, this eye cream has a cooling metal applicator which helps to decongest and depuff! Don’t glaze over the idea of trying a skincare line from a drugstore, the brand’s motive is to make dermatological skincare accessible to everyone!

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