Timmy’s Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide for the man (or woman or whatever – let’s not be so gender binary!) in your life.  These are mostly items that I have saved on my Instagram through their effective and invasive targeted marketing. Who cares about privacy, when you can buy cool stuff you want!

Clothes, gadgets, and hobby-specific gifts are three good categories to start with.  I like to cook, but your person might like to Kayak or some shit, so find some kayaking related gifts to show you care. If you don’t care, then break up already! You’re not getting any younger!


  • KnifeAid – If your guy likes to cook or just cut stuff with knives try KnifeAid. Gift cards range from $49 (4 knives) – $125 (14 knives)

  • Rag and Bone Fit 2 Jeans – These are probably on the more expensive side for jeans, but they last for years and worth it if you wear them all the time. You can get 15% off your first purchase if you order online.

  • Thunders Love Socks – Socks are always a good move! But seriously, socks are important.  I pretty much exclusively fuck with Thorlo but Thunders Love caught my sock attention on the gram. They have lots of different styles, but I prefer the Nautical Turn Collection. Consider yourself influenced.

  • Powertiger Car Seat Pockets – Maybe the best As Seen On TV type product I have ever bought.  These car seat pockets rule. Also, they are on the cheaper end of things and extra thoughtful.

  • Tree of Light from Touch Of Modern -This one is pretty random, but WHATEVER. Every guy wants a cool lamp by their bed. FACTS. This one is also a charger station!! This site has plenty of other cool things but seems a bit foreign and scary.


  • The Otto Grill – Not cheap, but if your man likes steak, and I’m pretty sure he does then he will love this. It’s like a mini outdoor steak broiler.

  • Faherty Blanket Lined CPO – I bought this jacket for myself.  Pretty much everything they make is super comfortable and like one price point cheaper than expensive.  The clothes are well made and affordable. Shop the entire site for your guy.
  • Ralph Lauren Home Brennan Small Blotter – Desk Stuff. Here is a little known secret. Guys love desk stuff and leather!  They might not like working, but they love having a desk and keeping things on it.  If this sounds like your guy, get him a desk set made out of leather. I have one from Bosca, but they no longer seem to make it. Ralph Lauren Home is always a good place for nice stuff, but there are plenty of cheaper options out there.

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  • Thanks for the great gift ideas! My boyfriend and I have been together 7 years but he’s so picky, I still struggle with what to get him. But the jacket and highballer massager are definitely him!Thanks!!
    P.S.- love the sense of humor and honesty lol

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