Taking Back My Life From Migraines

Ever since I can remember I have been getting migraines. They started when I was young and have continued to get increasingly worse as I have gotten older. The increase of frequency can be attributed to the fact that as you get older, there are more stressful things entering your life – but it may also just be something I am prone to more than others. I wish there was a known reason behind why I get them so much, but since there isn’t, all I can do is try the things I have learned that have proven to help me each time one arises.

When I get migraines, I don’t experience the typical auras, fogginess or blurred vision. I get this horrible, pounding pain in my temples which radiates down through the bottom of my head, my neck and to my shoulders. It is a throbbing pain that feels like someone is knocking me over the head with something again and again. I usually wake up with them, which really stinks. My motivation to get going is quickly taken away; all I want to do is stay in bed. I have always viewed the mornings as the most hopeful and motivating time of day! So when I don’t feel that way due to a migraine, I get very discouraged and upset. The hardest part about getting these migraines when I do is that I have a hard time going in and seeing Sonny in the morning. It makes me so sad. When he wakes up he is in the best mood. He is smiling and ready to start his day! I hate when I wake up with a migraine, because it takes away my patience and I can’t match his excited energy. I would never want him to pick up on this.

There are many times later in the day when I experience migraines too. They can be triggered by a glass of wine, working out, getting tired from a busy day…truly I cannot pinpoint any root cause that I can eliminate from my life. It is especially hard because a lot of times my triggers can be things I really enjoy and are supposed to make people happy! Work is a part of my life that brings me a lot of joy; I feel very proud and fulfilled when I complete a busy day of work. Though, there have been many times when migraines have interfered with my ability to be at 100%. I recently did a live recording for my podcast WITH WHIT, and I ended up getting a migraine right before. It made it very difficult to conduct the interview like I planned. I was not sharp and felt very disorganized and distracted. I regretted not having Excedrin Migraine on me. It is so essential for me because it works! Excedrin Migraine takes my migraines away within an hour of taking it. It is a MUST HAVE in my life right now. I have been relying on it for years now and I seriously don’t know what I would do without it. Life is too precious to live in constant pain. 

I’m not alone in missing important life moments: a recent survey by Excedrin found that almost 9 in 10 migraine sufferers say they have had to miss an important life event due to a migraine and 91% of them would like a second chance at their missed moments. I’m excited to partner with Excedrin® to shine a light on the significance of migraines, tell my story and encourage others to do the same for a second chance at experiencing a missed moment this time without the migraine!! Visit to share your migraine story for a chance to relive a missed moment minus the migraine. No purchase necessary to enter or win. 

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