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This week on WITH WHIT, Monica Banks came on and shared so many amazing tips for expecting moms on building a registry! Monica is the creator of Gugu Guru, an online baby product concierge which gives you unbiased product recs from industry experts and other moms that are tailored to meet your exact lifestyle needs and wants! 

Monica made this site to help expecting mothers make building a registry easy and stress free. This was a HUGE life-savor for me when I was prepping to have Sonny. I came home feeling so much more prepared thanks to Monica. Below you will find Monica’s registry must-haves as well as things you should splurge on! I have provided my favorite items with shoppable links.

PLUS, she was so kind to provide a shopping code to my listeners! Go to and use code: WHIT20 to enjoy 20% OFF any Expert Care or Concierge Care service.

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Our Top 6 Baby Registry Must-Haves

Gugu Guru is all about tailoring our product recommendations to each parent’s lifestyle but there are definitely a number of items that we consider baby registry must-haves no matter how you choose to parent. Below we list our top six essentials, and Whit weighs in with her favorite brands.

  1.   Car Seat

You won’t be able to leave the hospital without a car seat, so there’s no question that it’s a newborn essential. Choose from brands that offer next-level safety features and definitely consider hiring a car seat installation service.




  1.   Diapers

Whether you choose disposable or cloth, there’s no question that diapers are 100% a must-have for your newborn.  Heads up: it may require some brand switching until you find the right diaper for your babe. 


DAYTIME: Pampers Newborn Diapers 

NIGHTIME: Huggies OverNites

  1.   A Safe Sleep Space

Baby will need his or her own safe sleeping space, such as a crib or bassinet. Keep it clean and simple. Remove any stuffed animals, blankets, or anything with soft surfaces that could possibly block baby’s airway during sleep. Use a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. Do not put a blanket on the baby or in the crib and again, be sure to lay your baby on his/her back.


CRIB: Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Conversion Kit

MATTRESS: Naturepedic Organic Cotton Crib Mattress

  1.   Bouncer or Swing

As a new parent, we all need to carve out a minute for ourselves whether to shower, eat or even do a quick work-out, but sometimes that’s hard to do when baby is awake. You’ll need a safe and supportive bouncer or swing for baby to relax while in the same room. We prefer lightweight bouncers, so you can carry from room-to-room instead of having multiple bouncers.

WHIT’S PICK: Babyjorn Bouncer Bliss 3D Jersey

  1.   Bottles

If you plan to bottle-feed either your pumped breast milk or formula, bottles are a must-have. However, choosing a bottle can be overwhelming because there are just so many brands to choose from.  On top of that, you can choose plastic, glass or even stainless steel. Like diapers, you may need to try a few to identify what one baby will prefer. When selecting a bottle for baby, look for a breast-like nipple and a high acceptance rate.

WHIT’S PICK: Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

  1.   Onesies & Sleepers

Skin-friendly undergarments are a necessity for your little for layering and we suggest keeping it practical. As far as sleepers, you may want to consider magnets or zippers since snaps can be very annoying during wee-hours diaper changes.


10 Baby Registry Items Worth the Splurge

Let’s face it with all the things, raising a little one has the potential to get a little pricey.  Sure, it seems there are economical options for everything but there are still a few investment items that Gugu Guru thinks it’s wise not to pinch pennies on.  If you’re having a baby shower, consider adding these items to your baby registry as they make wonderful gifts from the people who want to treat you. Plus, friends and family members can go in together on higher ticket items as a group gift.

Here’s our list of some items that the team at Gugu Guru believes are totally worth the splurge:

  1.     Travel System

Most parents elect to register for or purchase a stroller and car seat. For newborns, we like car seat and stroller systems that work seamlessly together without additional adapters. These stroller and car seat combinations are often called “travel systems”. For car seats, next-level safety features are always worth the extra money because you can’t put a price on safety. For strollers, we suggest looking for a hefty basket size in addition to easy open & close, great maneuverability and an overall smooth ride. Additionally, if you travel a lot – especially by air– we also suggest spending more on a compact and lightweight travel stroller (different from a travel system.)  You’ll be happy you did!


  1.     Breast Pump

Whether electric or manual (there are merits to both!), you’ll want a high-quality breast pump that is easy to use and reliable. Double electric breast pumps are terrific for efficiency purposes and definitely worth a splurge if you plan to pump.  Be sure to get one that is whisper quiet. Hint: check with your health insurance before you purchase a pump or add to your registry. It may be covered.

WHIT’S PICK: Spectra Breast Pump

  1.     Diaper Bag

Whether it’s an insert, a clutch or a full-featured diaper bag or backpack, if you plan to leave your home, you’ll need to be prepared to haul a lot of baby stuff around those first few months. We love a quality, stylish and functional bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag when you’re out and about. 

WHIT’S PICK: Herschel Supply Co.  Strand Sprout Diaper Bag

  1.     “Green” or Eco-friendly Clothing, Toys and Teethers

Our philosophy is that it’s 100% worth the extra cost to ensure that any items coming in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin or possibly going in baby’s mouth are safe and eco-friendly.  While not necessarily a true splurge, organic and eco-friendly clothing and toys are typically more expensive than their non eco counterparts.


CLOTHING: Gabri Isle

TOYS: Monti Kids 

  1.     Playard

Sometimes paying a little extra is worth it when it comes to convenience. If you travel somewhat frequently, work from home or generally need to section off an area for baby to sit and play in various areas of the home, you may want to consider a playard. We love playards that are easy to set-up (because most of the inexpensive options are not) – ideally with one-touch open and close functionality. 


  1.     Bedside bassinet

For those early months of late night (or all night!) feedings, a bedside bassinet is a lifesaver. Of course, you’ll want one that is safety tested but there are now many options that include cool features like night lights, swivel, lowering bedside walls functionality (life-saver for c-section moms) and more!  


  1.     Sheets

According to AAP guidelines, the only thing that should be in baby’s crib is a mattress and a tight-fitted sheet. Because the sheet is coming in contact with baby’s skin, we suggest going organic for this item. There is no shortage of gorgeous crib sheet designs out there. In fact, some crib sheets available today are legitimate works of art!


  1.     Food Delivery Subscriptions

Food delivery services and subscriptions are definitely helpful for any new parents. This way you get a healthy meal and it helps with keeping the routine of family dinners, but with much less effort on your part.

WHIT’S PICK: Twenty-Five Eight

  1.     Cleaning Service

When you’re a new parent, it’s so tempting to catch up on household chores and duties as your baby naps – especially when it seems like laundry and dishes are piling up exponentially faster than before.  A cleaning service allows for sleep-deprived caregivers to catch up on much-needed Zzz’s. We consider this a definite self-care essential that’s worth its weight in gold.

WHIT’S LA PICK: Lety’s House Cleaning Maid Services

  1. Night Nurse

On the topic of sleep, if you’re able to enlist some help with a night nurse – this is one service that is unquestionably worth the splurge.  Getting in a good stretch of sleep is essential for postpartum recovery and overall health. 

WHIT’S LA PICK:  We LOOOOOOVED our beloved Peggy. If anyone would like to contact her, please dm Whit! 



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