Whit’s Wishlists: Gift for Kids


As promised, here is my gift guide for kids!! It has a good mix of toys you both will love, books with beautiful messages, fun fashion finds and just cute stuff!  Right now, Sonny is in the “PLAY WITH ME!” phase, so I chose gifts that we both could enjoy! The stars on his ceiling are the best art project for you ever! So therapeutic. Hopefully these ideas will help you find those last minute gifts you need for the kids in your life! I promise they will love any of this! Well, maybe not the clothes, but, everything else. 

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IT’S FRIDAY!! YAY. Ready for a weekend of lounging by the pool and on the couch. We have also quarantined for the last two weeks and are finally going to see some of our family without masks on this weekend!!! I seriously can’t wait. I wanna hug my mom really tight and squeeze baby Wolfie so hard. 

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My Lil Sis’ Baby Registry

Hi guys!

I really can’t express how excited I am to be an aunt to my little sis’ first child!! In case you missed it…PAIGE IS PREGNANT! We were definitely in need of another little baby around. AND all of the kids are SO happy to have another cuzzie on the way!

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How to Smoothly Transition Your Toddler to One Nap

Every parent of a toddler is eventually faced with the challenge of moving their little one from two naps down to one. It’s one of the top sleep questions we hear from parents. Before we get into the specifics of an effective and successful nap transition, you should know that I firmly believe that naps are a fundamental component of healthy sleep. A child who gets enough rest during the day will sleep better at night than one who doesn’t.

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The Transition from Crib to Bed

When everyone is sleeping well with your little one still in a crib, it can be daunting to think about making a change that could disrupt it all. But whether it’s time to move them for their own safety (hello climbers!) or you need the crib for another baby on the way, know that moving your little one from their crib to new bed doesn’t have to be scary. Being prepared for the change is a key factor in making a successful switch, and so we’re sharing tips on what you can do to help things along, even before the crib comes down.

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