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I really can’t express how excited I am to be an aunt to my little sis’ first child!! In case you missed it…PAIGE IS PREGNANT! We were definitely in need of another little baby around. AND all of the kids are SO happy to have another cuzzie on the way!

When I was pregnant with Sonny, Gugu Guru totally saved my sanity. They helped me get my home fully prepped for Sonny’s arrival. So, of course, I had to get my sister on the Gugu Guru bandwagon. Below you will find must-have picks from Gugu Guru, Paige and me! Let use know what you think in the comments!




This post is in collaboration with Gugu Guru – the premier Baby Product Concierge.

We were so excited for Whit’s sister, Paige, when we heard she was expecting her first baby and, of course, felt so fortunate that Whitney referred her to our Concierge team for help.  We all know how it is when a family member gets pregnant; the first person that is called on is usually a best friend or sibling for help picking out the right products.  Truth is that while often your bestie or sister might know the products that work best for them and their babies, that doesn’t mean that those products are right for YOU. That is why we launched Gugu Guru. Gugu Guru makes highly tailored product recommendations based on your unique lifestyle and style.

Of course, like any awesome older sis who has been there and done that, Whitney did have some ideas of what products might be a best fit for Paige based on what she has in common with her sis.  After all, both Whit and Paige are frequently on the move women who prefer products that are practical and eco-friendly.  So, we decided it would be fun to compare Gugu Guru’s picks with Whit’s picks and, most importantly, let you in on Paige’s final product picks and why she chose what she did.

The Full Size Stroller

Whit’s Pick: UPPAbaby VISTA

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Bugaboo Lynx

Paige’s Pick: Bugaboo Lynx

This lightweight yet full-size stroller is the perfect mix of everything for Paige’s on-the-move lifestyle. It is easy to fold, offers an excellent push, and is great for both running errands or walking to the park. 

The Car Seat

Whit’s Pick: Nuna Pipa

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

Paige’s Pick: Bugaboo Turtle by Nuna

First and foremost, it pairs seamlessly with the Bugaboo strollers, and adds some upgraded features from the standard Nuna Pipa (even though it is a very similar car seat.) This is a great seat for Paige since she plans on doing some travel and wants the car seat to work seamlessly with her stroller. 

The Travel Stroller

Whit’s Pick: BABYZEN YOYO+

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Larktale Chit Chat

Paige’s Pick: Larktale Chit Chat

A great new lightweight option to the travel stroller market, Paige appreciates Chit Chat’s eco-friendly frame, made from recycled materials (and once you’re done using it, it’s fully recyclable too.) The stroller’s SpaceFrame technology is both super strong and super light, great for holding up to all of Paige’s upcoming adventures with babe. 

The Bottles

Whit’s Pick: Dr. Brown’s Options

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Nanobebe Bottles

Paige’s Pick: Dr. Brown’s Options

As Sonny’s doting aunt, Paige got to try out the Dr. Brown’s bottles first-hand and just loves that these bottles also grow with your baby without the need to introduce a new bottle at different stages.

The Wrap Carrier

Whit’s Pick: Solly Baby

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Baby K’tan

Paige’s Pick: Baby K’tan

Paige was looking for a soft carrier that was easy to use. While both the Solly wrap and the Baby K’tan are amazing, Paige loved that the Baby K’tan wrap provides the comfort of a soft wrap style carrier, but slips on similar to a t-shirt with no complicated wrapping or fuss.

The Soft Structured Carrier

Whit’s Pick: Ergobaby Omni 360

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Ergobaby Omni 360

Paige’s Pick: Ergobaby Omni 360

No surprises here! Both Gugu Guru and Whit aligned on the Ergobaby Omni 360 as a best pick for Paige. We love that this carrier is newborn friendly without an insert. Plus it will be easy for Paige and her husband to share, even though they are different heights and sizes. It will also allow Paige to carry in many different positions. Who doesn’t love options?

The Swing

Whit’s Pick: Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Gugu Guru’s Pick: 4moms mamaRoo4

Paige’s Pick: 4moms mamaRoo4

A great space-saving infant seat that moves just like a parent! Paige loves that this is easy to install, easy to use, and – most importantly – safe for baby.

The Play Mat

Whit’s Pick: Lovevery Baby

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Lovevery Baby

Paige’s Pick: Lovevery Baby

Paige was looking for eco-friendly product options whenever possible. The Lovevery play mat was the perfect fit for her since many of its components are fully organic. It was also created by child development specialist and is designed to grow with your little one. 

The Swaddle

Whit’s Pick: HALO Sleepsack

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Love to Dream Swaddle UP Organic

Paige’s Pick: Love to Dream Swaddle UP Organic

These organic swaddles are Gugu Guru’s favorite on the market so Paige was intrigued. Love to Dream’s Swaddle UP swaddles allow baby to keep the hands up by his or her face for a more restful sleep. These swaddles are also so easy to use ; no velcro or complicated wrapping. Plus they have a reverse zipper, which makes middle of the night diaper changes even easier. 

The Monitor

Whit’s Pick: Nanit

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Evoz

Paige’s Pick: Evoz

Paige was looking for a wifi monitor. The Evoz Wifi Baby Vision Monitor connects directly to an app on your smartphone or tablet, which will allow Paige to check in on baby from anywhere! It gives a clear image and allows parents and caregivers to talk back through the monitor. Plus it sends notifications to help Paige monitor her little one throughout the night. 

The Crib Mattress

Whit’s Pick: Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Colgate zenBaby 2-stage

Paige’s Pick: Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

Paige trusted her sister’s tried and true certified organic mattress pick.

The High Chair

Whit’s Pick: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Nomi High Chair

Paige’s Pick: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Though Gugu Guru recommended a more traditional high chair to Paige, she loves the idea of a clip-on highchair, which will save space and be easy to use long-term.  

The Clothing

Whit’s Pick: Monica & Andy, Moon & Back, Mori Mori

Gugu Guru’s Pick: Gabri Isle

Paige’s Pick: Gabri Isle

Paige adores the online boutique Gabri Isle but also its mission to bring female-founded European brands to the American market. The clothing is unique and so adorable, which makes it extra fun to shop! 

What do you think of Paige’s final picks? Let us know in the comments below!

Need help figuring out what products are best for you or have any questions? Email the Gugu Guru team at hello@guguguru.com and we will help. Hint: Gugu Guru’s Concierge gift cards also make an amazing gift for expectant parents who want to be confident they are getting the right products for their baby.

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