Whit’s Spritz: Our Festive Holiday Cocktail

Hi guys!

The holidays have officially arrived, and I have to admit, I am a little nervous. We usually go to my in-laws’ house on the East Coast but this year they are coming to the West Coast and it’s all up to me to uphold the traditions and make sure everyone has a good time! I am trying to adopt the “casual, laid back” hosting vibe, but it’s hard! I want to make sure everything is perfect. One of the ways to start a party off on a good foot is to have a great cocktail prepared right when everyone arrives. Timmy and I made up this delicious Lillet recipe and it’s going to be a hit. I just know it. 

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Timmy’s Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide for the man (or woman or whatever – let’s not be so gender binary!) in your life.  These are mostly items that I have saved on my Instagram through their effective and invasive targeted marketing. Who cares about privacy, when you can buy cool stuff you want!

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Postpartum Nutrition: What New Moms Really Need

“Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. Listen to your body.” I got these words of wisdom from Jessica Diamond, MPH, RDN as she helped me understand what new moms really need to replenish, rebuild and recover after childbirth. Those fancy letters after her name mean that Jessica is a maternal and child registered dietitian and nutritionist, and she’s taught me so much about the good, the bad, and the don’t-feel-guilty of postpartum nutrition.

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