How To Make Drumsticks With My Best Friend, Jo

Hi guys!

I love cooking. I love Jo. I love cooking with Jo! Here is a new recipe from her that is easy and something the entire fam can enjoy. Drumsticks! 

This is a great one to keep on hand right now, as it doesn’t take many ingredients and you may already have most of them. Below you will find a full breakdown! PLUS visit my IGTV to see Jo being wonderfully crazy and showing you how it’s done.

Stay safe. Stay home. I hope Jo brings some light to your day. 




  • Chicken drumsticks
  • 2 tbsp Italian seasoning
    • Alternative: combine 1 tsp of dried oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil and sage
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil (or avocado oil)
  • 1 garlic clove
    • Alternative: garlic powder or granulated garlic 
  • 2 tsp of salt
  • Fresh pepper
  • 1 tsp of parsley


  • Prepare marinade 
    • Take out a large bowl
    • Pour in olive oil 
    • Add juiced lemon
    • Add minced garlic (if you have a garlic press, you can use that!)
    • Add Italian seasoning 
    • Add salt
    • Add some fresh pepper
    • Add parsley
    • Stir!
  • Throw drumsticks in the bowl. Make sure they are all covered in the marinade. 
  • Cover the bowl and put in the refrigerator to marinate 
    • At least 30 minutes 
    • 1 hour is ideal
    • Can marinate overnight!
  • Pull out a baking sheet 
  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • After chicken has finished marinating, put on baking sheet skin side up so they get nice and crispy
  • Option: Brush extra marinade on chicken
  • Cook for 40 minutes 
    • Check if the chicken is fully cooked with a meat thermometer. Internal temp needs to be 165 degrees.
  • Bon appetit!!! 

Side Options

  • Roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt, and rosemary (throw in the oven with chicken after 15 minutes)
  • For kids!
    • Avocado cucumber salad with olive oil, salt, and lemon
  • For parents!
    • Salad with avocado and radish

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